American Legion Sherman Moore Post #297

Facilities Rental Information

The Ravenna American Legion Hall is available for rent.  The maximum capacity is 240. 

The hall is located at 3590 Conklin Street in Ravenna. 


Hall rental is $600 per day paid in advance; $700 if renter wants to set up the night before; add $50 to clean up the next morning. A signed agreement must be included, complete with driver’s license number.

*Afternoon rentals are available for $300.  Must be out by 6pm. 

*Funeral luncheons are $200.

*Security Deposits.  A $400 security deposit is necessary to rent the hall for the full evening, $250 for an afternoon rental. Upon payment of the security deposit, the hall will be held for that date. Deposit will be returned by U.S. Mail if all stipulations for rental are met. An inspection of the hall will be made before the security deposit is returned.

*Renter may cancel this agreement with full return of security deposit up to 30 days prior to the event. Cancellation within 30 days of the event will cause forfeit of one half of the security deposit.

Below is a picture of our foyer and a couple of the hall. 

Anyone interested in renting can contact Mike Pierson at (231) 853-2065 or Brian Bonter at 616-901-8606.