American Legion Sherman Moore Post #297

Ravenna's citizens that made that ultimate sacrafice for our freedoms. 


Civil War
Justin H. Alden, Charles C. Anderson, Emerson M. Averill, Lyman H. Averill, John Barnhill, Edwin Barr, George W. Barr, Charles Batson, John Boozer, William Brott, Silas H. Compton, William H. Cryderman, Joseph Dohm, John Eadie Jr., Malcom Enos, Henry J. Esget, James Gillhespy, Herman Hoogstraat, James K. P. McClain, Abraham Rosel, Isaac Rosel, Elmer E. Spencer, Albert Wash-ington Sperry, Chauncey Stanton, John H. Tibbits, Gilbert Vanderhoof, Garret VanHaltern, John Nelson Walker, William Harrison Walker, James F. Wilson, Robert M. Woolsey.

World War 1
Charles A Biggs...died in Argonne, France October 8, 1918

Leo Joiner Conklin...died in France November 10, 1918

Bernard Gutnecht...died in France in 1918

Sherman Ephriam Moore, died in Juvigny, France August 24, 1918.  This post is named after Mr. Moore.

James W. Sherman...died in Bouresches, France June 16, 1918, buried in Memorial Park Cemetery, Skokie, Illinois.

Vern ‘Bert’ VanBergen...died in Argonne, France October 12, 1918 buried in Meusse=Argonne American Cemetery and Memorial at Lorraine, France.

World War II
Chester Balawender-2nd lieutenant, U.S. Army...died of wounds December 10, 1944 buried in Mona View Cemetery, Muskegon.

Sterling Hammond-private/ Medical Division, 501st Paratroop Infantry U.S. Army...killed in action June 9, 1944 in Normandy, France

George R. Hill-sergeant U.S. Army...killed in action May 16, 1945 in Okinawa, Japan; buried in Hill Cemetery, Bourbon, Missouri

Marvin Merrick-sergeant U.S. Army...killed in action February 8, 1946 near the Ruhr River in Germany

Wilmer S. Valisco-private first class- U.S. Army...killed in action February 5, 1945 in Italy; buried in Mona View Cemetery, Mus-kegon

Robert V. Hanna-ensign, naval aviator U.S. Navy...lost at sea July 20, 1945; body never recovered, memorial stone in Ravenna Cemetery

Bertram L. Budai-private first class-U.S. Army-Normandy Invasion...killed in action October 17, 1944 in Germany buried in Camp Butler National Cemetery, Springfield, Illinois

LaVery Ely-infantryman U.S. Army...killed in action July 16, 1944 in Florence, Italy buried in Florence American Cemetery & Me-morial in Florence, Italy

Paul E. Reinhold-private first class U.S. Army...killed in action March 1, 1945 in Germany buried in Luxembourg American Ceme-tery & Memorial, Hamm, Luxembourg

William R. Coles-private first class U.S. Army...killed in action April 28, 1943 at Mateur, Tunesia buried in North African American Cemetery & Memorial, Carthage, Tunis, Tunisia

Theodore F. Miskowiec-seaman first class U.S. Navy...killed in action while aboard the U.S.S. Indianapolis, July 30, 1945 in the Phillipine Sea body never recovered; he is memorialized at the Manilla American Cemetery & Memorial, Manilla, Phillipines.

Korean Conflict/War
William Borgman-private first class U.S. Army...killed in action November 5, 1952 buried in Seaman Cemetery, Casnovia Town-ship

Virgil Griggs-sergeant first class U.S. Army...wounded in action January 30, 1951 and died the next day from the wounds; buried in Moorland Township Cemetery.

Vietnam Conflict/War
Roger L. Berg-private first class 101st Airborne U.S. Army...killed in action aboard a helicopter May 4, 1966 near the Cambodia border buried in Hilton Cemetery, Casnovia Township.

David Whinnery-private first class 1st Cavalry U.S. Army...killed in action April 29, 1968 near Khe Sahn, Viet Nam buried in Moor-land Township Cemetery.

Darrel H. Morey-corporal U.S. Army...killed in action November 28, 1967 buried in Seaman Cemetery, Casnovia Township

Danny Reisberg-corporal U.S. Marines...wounded in action July 3, 1967 at Quang Nam, died of wounds July 5, 1967 in Saigon Hospital buried in Moorland Township Cemetery.

We thank them and their for their service and pledge they will never be forgotten. May they rest in peace.  We send our deepest gratitude and sympathy to their families.